Essential Steps to Ensure the best Preparation for the Exams

Very soon for schoolchildren and students will come a hot time exams. Someone has to cope with the terrible exams, someone to survive the summer session. To prepare did not become stress and did not turn you from a princess into a zombie, follow our advice. With proper preparation, any exam will be to your teeth. Break a leg.

Power distribution

Preparing for the exam last night is not a good idea. The “knowledge” obtained in this way is enough for one day. A sleepy brain at the most crucial moment can let you down. Therefore, it is important to leave for training at least a few days and correctly distribute their forces. If you take a week before the exam, divide all the material into five equal parts and work through one part per day. And spend the last two days repetition. The use of the Exam Preparation Books happens to be important in this task.

Organize your workspace

Take everything that can distract you from the table: hide magazines with a bright cover (YES! You can leave, but open it only on this page!), Remove the mirror and a new lip gloss and be sure to put the phone away! And put a bouquet of lilac on a table or a window sill: according to research of British scientists, the smell of lilac improves memory. And it also greatly improves the mood.

Choose the right way to prepare

Do you know that memory is different? Someone “remembers” the eyes, someone the ears, and someone the lips, pronouncing the rules out loud.  Do you have good visual memory? Then it may be enough for you to read the material several times to learn it. And during the exam try to present pages of notes or textbooks, where you read about the date or formula you need. If you are more aware of the information by ear, write it down to a Dictaphone (or look in the network for audio lectures on the right subject) and listen several times, for example, walking in the park or taking a bath.)

Cross out questions

Has the question worked? Strike it or select it with a marker. This is a very effective psychological device: when you see how the number of tickets that you need to learn decreases, and how much you already know, it becomes easier to breathe.

Start with the easiest or most interesting

As you know, the most difficult thing in preparing for exams is to start. When you see a list of several dozen questions immediately want to eat, drink, sleep, go to the gym, oven cake, and meetwith a girlfriend. And here’s another effective psychological trick. Begin preparation with the most elementary or interesting questions to you – and you will not notice how you will get involved in the process of learning a new one and even begin to get pleasure from it. Knowledge is power.

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