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The Chinese language remains a musical language in which hundreds of syllables are distinguished by a system of intonation. It is not a question in this article of teaching the 4 tones in Mandarin, but to show you that the essential element in this language is the mastery of the tones. There are tunes of songs that we never forget. We must therefore consider the learning of Chinese characters as so many tunes to remember.

Think about exaggerating

To distinguish more clearly the differences of tones in Chinese, it is sometimes useful to amplify the intonation (that did not mean to speak louder). Do not hesitate to repeat this exercise as many times as necessary and even more! Once this music system is assimilated, learning new characters with the associated tone becomes easier and faster.

This help is valuable for any new learner but also harmful! Indeed, it is very easy to become dependent on pinyin so much that we do not have characters to “read” Chinese (as for example with Chinese methods Assailing which we focus almost immediately on pinyin) . If your goal is only to learn to speak Chinese, pinyin is enough (and this famous Assail method is very effective). But if your goal is to learn to read Chinese, read the pinyin the first time and then erase it! For information also, except on road signs and with very few exceptions, pinyin remains very little used in everyday life in China. In the good Chinese language school in angmokio you can now have the best options available.


The best way to control the accuracy of tones in Mandarin is to be able to record and compare your recording with the audio support you use. You will sometimes be surprised because there is often a clear difference between what you say and what you thought you said. In 2001, we used an old recorder (with the famous tape cassettes) but in the digital era, there is a little wonder that we currently use as “Dictaphone”, voice recorder associated with a lapel microphone for videos and podcasts and finally as

Additional Advice

In talking with a close friend living in Beijing for more than 8 years, he told that these many karaoke nights have allowed him to progress very quickly in the assimilation of new characters and therefore vocabulary. Learning Chinese songs by heart is an original idea and fun. Tell me what you think.

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